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The American Petanque Directory is a directory of petanque groups and clubs in the USA. It is a wiki (like Wikipedia!), so you can add and edit entries yourself. Note that another useful search page for petanque clubs is THIS.

The Directory (organized by state)

Guidelines for updating the directory

  • Please read our Guidelines for updating the American Petanque Directory.
  • FOR AN ALREADY-LISTED GROUP - Visit the page for the state. Update the entry for the group.
  • FOR A NEW GROUP - Visit the page for the state. Copy-and-paste an existing entry and modify it to create an entry for the new group.
  • FOR A DEAD GROUP - Do not delete the entry for the group. INSTEAD: Mark the group's name with strikethrough and add a note to the entry saying that the group is now dead.
  • For your own protection against spam, obfuscate any email address that you post. Instructions for how to do that are on our page make a safe email address.

How to help publicize the Directory

You can help search engines find the APD by adding a link to it on your blog, web site, or Facebook page.

For a directory of American petanque clubs, visit the 
<a href="">American Petanque Directory</a>.

How to view a picture gallery of terrains

Visit the Image Uploads page.

How to see the latest editing activity

Visit the Recent Changes page.

How to contact our site administrator

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