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The FPUSA (Federation of Petanque in the USA) is the official governing body of petanque in the Unites States. It is a national member of the international FIPJP, the international federation for petanque.

When a club is a member of the FPUSA, it is entitled (among other things) to host FPUSA-sanctioned tournaments.

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FPUSA website instructions 01

  • Click on the SITE NAVIGATION icon.
  • click on ORGANIZATION.
    • for a map of the FPUSA regions: click on REGIONS AND CLUBS.
    • to find the club that you're interested in: click on the appropriate region.

Official FPUSA web siteEdit

  • Lists the annual schedule of FPUSA tournamants
  • Lists all FPUSA member clubs, along with contact information — look under the "Locate a Club" tab in the sidebar

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Official FPUSA Smugmug (pictures) siteEdit

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