Overview of wikis and wiki editing

A wiki is a website which allows its users to add, modify, or delete its content via a web browser usually using a simplified markup language or a rich-text editor.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a wiki, here is a short YouTube video that explains the basics.

Or you can consult the Wikipedia article. The American Petanque Directory, like all wikis, consists of a group of pages that are tied together by "wiki links" which allow you to navigate from one wiki entry to another.

To edit any given entry, you navigate to the entry and click on the EDIT button.

This will put you into a screen where you can edit in either a SOURCE mode or a VISUAL mode.

  • SOURCE mode allows you to edit the wiki markup, which is very much like the markup used by wikipedia and other wikis.
  • VISUAL mode allows you to edit in a WYSWIG mode, very much like using a word processor such as Microsoft word.

The most common editing task that you will do is to add a wiki link.

  • In SOURCE mode, you can create a wiki link simply by entering the name of the wiki page and enclosing it in two pairs of square brackets.
  • In VISUAL mode, you can create a link by highlighting the appropriate text and clicking on either the "internal link" or "external link" editing button at the top of the screen.

Here are links for other helpful information.

What kinds of entries to add

The Directory is designed to contain listings for four kinds of things --

  • A petanque club is an organized group that has its own web site/ blog page/ Facebook page. Information about the club is provided on its web page, so the entry for the group may provide little information other than the address (URL) of the club's web page.
  • A petanque group is an informal group that does not have its own web page. Ideally, the entry for the group will provide a contact telephone number or email address.
  • A petanque terrain is a location that is suitable for playing petanque. It might be an area in a park, or a petanque court in a hotel or apartment complex.
  • A petanque player is a person who is seeking other petanque players, in a city where there is no organized petanque group. Ideally the entry will contact information— email address, telephone number, or personal web page or Facebook page.

How to add an entry

Go to the page for the state in which the club or terrain is located.

Edit the state page, and add an entry for your club. The title of your entry should consist of—

  • the name of the city in which the club is located
  • a space, a dash, a space
  • the name of the club.

Like this

Santa Fe - La Mesa Petanque Club

After the name of the club, put a short bullet list giving information about your club.

  • The first bullet should contain a link to the club's web site or Facebook page, if it has one.
  • After that there should be bullets with high-level information such as when and where the club plays.
  • Keep the entry short. It is, after all, just a directory listing. More details should be provided on the club's web site.

When you have finished adding the link to your club, click the Publish button to publish the updated State page.

Here is an example of a listing for a petanque group:

==Tucson - Tucson Petanque Club==
* Email:
* The Tucson Petanque Club is an informal group of Tucson residents and winter visitors. 
* We play on Sundays (and sometimes other days) from mid-October through the end of April. 
* See our web site for detailed information about us & directions.

How to remove an entry (don't delete it!)

If you find a dead entry -- an entry that should be removed from the Directory, like an entry for a club that no longer exists — don't delete it, strike it out, like this.

Here's why. Suppose you edit the page where the club is listed and simply delete the listing for the club. Late, someone else may come along with obsolete information about the club, which he believes still exists. If he finds no listing for the club, he will naturally assume that the club simply hasn't yet been listed to the Directory, and he adds it (again).

To avoid that kind of situation, don't delete the entry for the defunct club. Instead, strike out the listing and add information about the time when the club went missing, like this.

Podunk - Podunk Petanque Club
  * As of Dec 12, 2012, this club no longer exists.

To do this, you need to know how to produce a strike-out effect like this when editing the wiki.

  • If you are editing in Source mode, enclose the text in <strike> ... </strike> HTML tags.
  • If you are editing in Visual mode, highlight the text that you want to strike, and then click on the abc (Strike Through) button. If you don't see the abc button, click on the more + button, which will open a second button-bar — the Strike Through button will be the second from the left.

How to provide a safe email address

We here at the American Petanque Directory advise you not to provide your your email address in a listing in the Directory. The reason for this advice is the existence of software programs called spambots. Spambots are programs that constantly rove the Internet looking for email addresses. When they find one, they give it to spammers. The spammers then flood your email INBOX with spam email. So posting your unprotected email address on a web page is like climbing on to your house-top and shouting "Please send me spam email! LOTS OF IT!"

One relatively safe and easy way to make it difficult for spambots to harvest an email address is called address munging. Address munging is the process of disguising an email address by inserting or changing certain characters in the address. For example, changing:     ——>     myname (at) something (dot) net

For more information, see our page on how to make a safe email address.

How to add a picture to an entry

This is easy. Open the entry for editing in visual mode. The buttons for adding a picture will be in the upper right-hand corner.

Adding a picture is actually a two-step process. First, you upload the picture from your computer to the wiki. Second, you insert the uploaded picture into your wiki entry. When you insert the picture, you will be able to align it left, right, or center, choose its display size, and to add a caption.

How to keep a picture from "floating" — images tend to float up and down the page and not to stay put in the vertical place where you put them. To stop them from floating downward, edit your entry in SOURCE mode, and — at the end of the entry — code

<br clear="all"/>

To add a caption to a picture — edit the entry in SOURCE mode, and at the end of the code that inserts the phote — just inside the two right square brackets — put the caption. In this example, the caption is "Open terrain at Udall Park".

[[File:Open_terrain_at_Udall_Park.jpg|thumb|left|500px|Open terrain at Udall Park]]

and this is what it will look like when it is displayed.

Open terrain at Udall Park

Open terrain at Udall Park

How to add a Google map

See our entry on How to add a link to Google Maps

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