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Maui -- Shaka Petanque ClubEdit

  • Email us that you are on-island and we'll meet you at Kalama Beach Park in Kihei, or any other beach you desire.
  • Casual, relaxed, enjoyable play is the specialty here.
  • Extra boules for our many travelers.
  • Remember "No Ka Oi", Maui is the Best!

Oahu -- Hawai'i Pétanque ClubEdit

  • On Facebook at
  • Instagram @hawaiipetanqueclub
  • Casual, relaxed, French food and wine, Pastis and Marseille style sh!t talking mandatory since 2013
  • Extra boules for anybody down for a good time
  • We usually play at Kaimana's beach by the Natatorium in Honolulu.
  • The Club idea started sometimes in 2011 while founder Alika (Alex) Vaquer was playing with coconuts on Hālawa Valley beach on Moloka'i, then "boules" started to slowly make their way in suitcases trip after trip to the mother land - France. It's been only good times since then, the French Connection striking hard game after game.
  • Aloha !

???-- Boule SharksEdit

  • All we currently know about the Boule Sharks is that the club exists and Tiaré Ferrari is a member.

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