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One relatively safe and easy way to make it difficult for spambots to harvest an email address is called address munging. Address munging is the process of disguising an email address by inserting or changing certain characters in the address. The most effective way to munge an address is to use a free service like

When you see an email address in bolded text on this site, it was probably munged using addressmunger.

To use addressmunger, visit the web site and —

  1. scroll down
  2. enter your plaintext email address into the box that says "your@email.address"
  3. click to UNselect "Add descriptive comment tag"
  4. click to select "Munge text but do not create link"
  5. select "ASCII Munge" (not Javascript Munge).
  6. click the button that says "Click to munge link"
  7. copy the munged text and paste it where you want to see it
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