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How to make a safe email address[]

See our page on making a safe email address

Cape Cod - Harwich and Chatham Petanque Leagues[]

  • The Harwich Petanque League plays on two dedicated petanque courts in Brooks Park, Harwich (map) They play Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3pm from April to November.
  • The Chatham Petanque League plays Thursdays at 3pm on a dedicated court in Chase Park, Chatham (map)
  • contact Francois Marin-- francoismarin{at} -- phone 508-430-8623
  • see this YouTube video from 2014
  • see this local newspaper story from 2017
Terrain MA Harwich BrooksPark
Terrain MA Harwich BrooksPark 2
Map CapeCod Harwich&Chatham

Worcester - Le Mistral Club of Petanque[]

  • see the Boston Petanque Club

Boston - Boston Pétanque[]

Boston - Charlesgate Pétanque[]

About the time of World War I, almost half-a-million Armenian refugees fled the Armenian genocide and settled in the Marseille area, where they learned both French and petanque. Later, many of those French-speaking, petanque-playing French-Armenians emigrated to Worcester, MA, and formed one of the first petanque clubs in the USA— the Le Mistral club. In 2009, Le Mistral evolved into the Boston Petanque Club. Later (around 2023?) Boston Pétanque developed a very nice web page and evolved into Charlesgate Pétanque.

The old Boston Pétanque web pages still exist, but aren't useful.

There are other locations to play in and around Boston.

  • Perry Park in Somerville
  • Burns Park (422 Summer Street) in Arlington
  • the Rose Kennedy Greenway (in front of Hotel InterContinental)