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Eugene - Eugene Pétanque International ClubEdit

  • E.P.I.C.!
  • We are the largest junior-based club in the U.S.A. Our club started out of our high school league which began in 1998 and continues today. In 2008 we expanded the club to include adults.
  • We play on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons — check our web site for exact times.
  • We play at University Park, E 24th Avenue & University St, Eugene, OR 97405 (Map)
  • We have extra boules and are happy to teach you how to play!
  • We are an FPUSA member club. See FPUSA for email and contact information.
UP Sunday Streets

Sunday play in University Park

IMG 0158

High school play on our terrain in University Park

Portland - Portland Petanque ClubEdit

  • Facebook
  • We play at the north end of Westmoreland Park — 7535 SE 23rd Ave. Portland, OR 97202 (Map)
  • We play Wednesdays and Sundays. Official start time is noon, when we throw for teams, but players may arrive as early as 11am to practice and/or play warm-up games. In the summer we also sometimes play on Friday nights.
  • Note that our courts are NOT open to the public outside of published hours. If you arrive and find the courts deserted and the gate locked, please contact us for information about our playing schedule.
  • All are invited to join us on the courts during scheduled playing hours. We offer all levels of play, from beginner to experienced and we’ll teach you what you need to know to play. Lesson are FREE and we have guest boules for you to use while you decide if pétanque is your kind of game.
  • No membership is necessary, unless you want to play competitions and/or to have access to the courts outside of the published hours. Annual membership is only $40!
  • We are an FPUSA member club. See FPUSA for email and contact information.
Terrain OR Portland PortlandPetanqueClub 2019 september
Map Portland Petanque Club boulodrome

Portland - Lake Oswego Petanque ClubEdit

  • (CONTACT page has contact info)
  • The group plays Mondays at 4:00 PM in Foothills Park during the summer months, with impromptu games at Millennium Plaza Park. As of September 2019, the group does NOT appear to be meeting regularly. If you are interested in playing with the group, make prior arrangements.
  • Lake Oswego is a suburb of Portland, south of city center on the west side of the river.
  • Foothills Park, 199 Foothills Road, Lake Oswego, OR 97034 (Map)
  • Millennium Plaza Park (Map)
  • The group was founded by Johnny Prince. Read this 2012 news story about the club.
  • We are an FPUSA member club. See FPUSA for email and contact information.
Terrain OR Portland FoothillsPark map.JPG

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Terrain OR Portland FoothillsPark entrance

Entrance to Foothills park. Parking is to the right; petanque playing area is to the left.

Terrain OR Portland FoothillsPark boulodrome

Petanque playing area in Foothills park (August 2019)

Portland - Portland Bouligans (dead) Edit

  • The Portland Bouligans no longer meet.
  • At one time, they met in Jamison Square, a small public park in downtown Portland. (Map)

Williams - Rogue BouligansEdit

Terrain OR Williams RogueBouligans winter terrain in the barn

Grooming the terrain in the winter boulodrome.

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