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Salt Lake City - Salt Lake City Pétanque ClubEdit

Salt lake city petanque 2009

Salt Lake City Petanque, 2009

UtahPetanque MichaelKronenberg Oct2014

Michael Kronenberg, October 2014

Terrain UT SaltLakeCity 2018

Kaysville - Kaysville Pétanque ClubEdit

  • David Frank is the contact person (kaysvillepetanqueclub [at] comcast [dot] net). In July 2018 David reported that the club is active, with about 6-8 members.
  • We play Wednesday mornings from 7am-8am— Before work and before it's too hot!
  • We play at Barnes Park in Kaysville. (map). Kaysville is south of Ogden and north of Salt Lake City.
Terrain UT Kaysville
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