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Wilson - Wilson Petanque Club[]

  • contact info?

Teton Village - Teton Village Petanque Club[]

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Jackson Hole - Jackson Hole Petanque Club[]

Bill Adams reports that there is a large group of enthusiastic Petanque players in Jackson Hole (map). He formed the group in 2009 by organizing an annual Adams Invitational Petanque Tournament. There currently are ten teams that participate, with additional teams on a waiting list. There are at least ten Petanque courts in Jackson Hole with more in the planning stage.

Bill Adams
P.O. Box 4818
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
(307) 732-1444

Riverton - Wind River Petanque Club[]

  • 911 St. Pierre Circle, Riverton, WY (map)
  • "Bernard" and the "Wind River Petanque Club" hosted the "Second Annual Wyoming Open" on September 12, 2010 in Riverton.
  • Apparently there is a rather nice terrain in Riverton.
Terrain WY Riverton